Mark Nolen

“It’s an amazing time to be a part of the craft beer industry!”

Chief Financial Officers have a reputation for a laser-focus on balance sheets and bottom lines, to the exclusion of all else. But while Mark Nolen is no slouch in the realm of fiscal responsibility, to say he doesn’t let a little passion creep into the mix is neither fair nor accurate.

“Every time you think craft beers are as big as they’re going to be, the category gets bigger. The phenomenon keeps growing. It’s not just craft beer devotees who are drinking these beers — you’ve got new people every day, from all walks of life, discovering it, loving it, becoming advocates.”

“It’s an amazing time to be part of this craft beer industry!”

Mark’s excitement is matched only by his fiscal experience. A 37-year veteran of the Wisconsin and Arizona banking industries, he’s served as CEO, senior lending officer, chief credit officer and chief financial officer. Now in his role as partner and CFO, Mark can draw upon both his analytical talents and his boundless enthusiasm, to the benefit of WBC.

So no, Mark’s not counting beans. He’s counting craft beer drinkers. And he’s loving what he’s seeing.