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Now this is something very special.

this isn't just a beer — this is a salute to education, collaboration, innovation and wisconsin. the first beer of a new initiative by wisconsin brewing company and the university of wisconsin-madison's college of agricultural and life sciences (cals). the name? Campus craft brewery. the goal? providing students with the ultimate fermentation program — a combination of lab-based studies and real-world brewing experience at wbc.

campus craft brewery launched in january 2015, and for the last several months, the UW students have been hard at work developing the recipe, sourcing the ingredients and brewing the beer that's finally ready for its grand debut: #015 INAUGURAL RED lager.

what's it like? exceptionally flavorful. smooth and easy to drink. authentic wisconsin. how WBC brewmaster kirby nelson defined it from the beginning: “IT’S A BEAUTIFUL SUMMER DAY OUT ON THE UNION TERRACE. THE SUN AND SAILBOATS AND PEOPLE ARE OUT, THE LAKE IS SPARKLING, AND THIS BREW IS THE PERFECT COMPANION.”

here's to an awesome brew, made by the awesome students of the uw. cheers!