porter joe®

coffee-infused porter

as master coffee roaster for barriques, rob jeffries knows his beans — and loves a challenge. so when barriques owner finn berge asked him to craft a coffee-infused beer using the porter of their friends at wisconsin brewing company, rob grabbed a six-pack, a french press, and his decades of experience, and got to work.

blending craft beer and coffee isn't a new idea, but doing it well is another story. rob had two guiding principles for the new brew:

1) if you wouldn't order a second one, don't make the first;


2) make sure both the beer and the coffee taste good; craft a brew where the sum truly transcends its parts.

rob experimented with proportions, grind and techniques; he sourced beans whose deep, rich flavor profile would marry well with the malty, robust porter. and on a dark and snowy night, folks from barriques and wbc gathered to taste the result. wbc brewmaster kirby nelson's reaction?

"we gotta' do this!"

kirby and rob collaborated to refine the recipe, work out the logistics and make sure all of the beer's wonderful characteristics would translate well to large-scale brewing. the end result of this labor of brewing love? #006 PORTER JOE. the ideal pairing of a rich, aromatic coffee with a deep, sweet porter, combined in a way that takes their relationship to the next level. or as rob likes to say, "tasting better together than they do apart."

Kirby doesn't say anything. He's too busy drinking it.

meet porter joe. One taste and we think you'll agree, this is the best of both brews.